The security token market growth is 11%

Token de seguridad tZERO

Since the beginning that Assets Lab positioned itself in the space of the security token, we have encountered numerous skeptics always making the same statements; “There is no volume, there is no liquidity, this will never work”.

The problem with that statement is the lack of perspective and vision. The security token industry is still in its infancy and will take many years to reach the trading levels of Nasdaq or NYSE.

We haven’t reached that point yet, but what is certain is that each month has been a step in the right direction and August was another step.

In the month of August, the volume of operations accumulated almost 22 million dollars. That’s almost an average of 1 million transactions per day. To put this in perspective, in January, there was a total of $194,000 in trading volume for the entire month. There has been an 11.235 % growth.

Now over 200k of security token trading is done in the first hour of trading almost every day.

The amazing thing about all this is that we haven’t even started. The growth of this industry will be exponential. The key is to be patient and work together as a global team to make this a reality.

As the most remarkable elements of the security token market:

  • The volume of operations increased by 163.24%
  • Market capitalization increased by 18.15%

The best performances were for tZERO (TZROP: tZERO) with + 48.58 and for AspenCoin (ASPD: tZERO) with + 6.61

On the other hand, the worst performances of the month were for (LDCC: OpenFinance) with -44.44%, Protos (PRTS: OpenFinance) with -31.03% and 9943 Marlowe St (Marlowe: Uniswap) with -24.90%

Other notable data is that we currently have a capitalization of 486,428,280.90 million dollars and in August we had a total volume of operations of more than 22 million dollars.

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