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Inversión mínima

100,000.00 $

ARGRUPO creates a reliable network to digitalize sovereign cash in a complete reserve banking model.




What problem is ARYZE solving?

ARYZE creates an efficient, flexible and compliant payment ecosystem where 'Cash as a service' is offered for third parties to integrate. In RYZEnet, money becomes reliable and programmable, allowing innovators to create solutions with a digital version of sovereign cash and with an agility that, until now, had only been seen in cryptocurrencies. .

What are your income streams?

Revenue comes from deposit interest, currency differentials, premium commercial subscriptions and developer licenses. ARYZE attracts both retail users and companies / corporations. People can use ARYZE for cross-border transactions, payments, peer money transfers and secure fund storage. Corporate accounts can use ARYZE for treasury management, supply chain payment management, internal settlement, trade financing and payroll.

What is your unique selling point (USP)?

ARYZE is a regulated entity with a road map to acquire key infrastructure for financial services. The DLT support network must be interoperable with both public blockchains and legacy third-party solutions, and Digital Cash can be used at a near zero transaction cost. ARYZE works with global and trusted partners to provide the highest solvency, audit and compliance standard.


Number of founders: 3

Number of employees: 18 years old

Recorded audio

Business experience, banking / finance experience (former JP Morgan / UBS), blockchain experience, marketing / communications experience. He completed the first ICO in Denmark and raised $ 1.6 million.

Legal data

Company name: ARYZE IVS

Legal form: Business Limited Partnership

Registration number: 38895052

Incorporation date: 08/22/2017 (about 2 years ago)

Company address: Købmagergade 22, 2 floor, 1150 Copenhagen

Country of Issuance: Malta

Country of incorporation: Denmark


Regulatory specifications

Security token offers are financially regulated activities, which require compliance with monetary authorities. RYZE tokens are only available to accredited investors from the United States and qualified investors from the European Union. Investors from other jurisdictions are managed according to the EU prospectus and the regulation of the capital market. Non-accredited investors and members of the general public cannot buy RYZE during the STO.

Legal services provider: DLA Piper


Offering Memorandum:

Presentation form:


Token name: Ryze

Ticker symbol: RYZE

Broadcast platform: Other

Blockchain: Hyperledger

Token Standard (Protocol): ERC777


Smart contract address:

Github account:

Token offer

Minimum investment: $ 100,000.00

Price per token: $ 0.10

Minimum token supply: 515707536

Maximum token supply: 515707536

Soft Cap (in main currency): $ 26,000,000.00

Hard Cap (in main currency): $ 31,000,000.00

Purchase requirements

Status of your regulatory submission? Planning to apply

Who can buy the token? United States - Accredited, International - Accredited

Purchase restrictions: Countries outside the US UU. And the EU case by case

Sales restrictions (if yes, specify): Yes

Specify sales restrictions

US investors locked in 12 months, trade restriction to sanctioned countries

Token Tradability: Shortly after completing STO

What type of investment are you offering? Certificate of participation

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País: Seychelles
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patrimonio de
la empresa
( 21.0000.0000,00 $ )
99 Miembros
Edad: 8 año
En vivo (preventa)

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