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L’Osteria is a system catering chain founded by FR L’Osteria GmbH in Nuremberg in 1999.



This offer is exempt from prospectus but includes a securities information sheet (Wertpapierinformationsblatt) approved by the German Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

L'Osteria is a system catering chain founded by FR L'Osteria GmbH in Nuremberg in 1999. The branches are located in Germany, England, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, France and from 2011 also in Austria, and are partly operated by the company itself (2016 : 21 + 9 joint ventures), but also by franchisees (2016 : 31).

Business model
The company will offer, as the name Osteria suggests, an Italian atmosphere. The company and its franchisees (since 2009) go to the centres of the biggest cities on the one hand, and on the other hand since 2009 with the so-called freestanders (new standardized buildings) built individually in the green field on the outskirts of the city. . The space available is larger than in the city centre restaurants. The range is also standardized and limited to pizza in a uniform size (over-sized) of 45 cm, pasta, salads, antipasti and desserts. There is also a menu of the week. The kitchen is open to the public.

The first restaurant was opened in Nuremberg in 1999 by founders Klaus Rader and Friedemann Findeis, who also founded the Vapiano chain in 2002. In 2011, the brand already had net sales of 23.3 million euros with eleven companies in Germany. In 2013, the 23rd German branch was opened in Cologne and, in mid-June 2014, the 33rd in Hürth. In 2013 the sales of 22 companies rose from 31.5 (17 companies) to 42.8 million euros. In 2014 a further increase of around 65 million was expected in 33 companies.

By 2013, the top 100 gastronomic companies in Germany experienced the highest growth in L'Osteria with an increase in sales of over 35%. In 2015, the increase in sales was 30.8%. Around 20 branches are planned in Austria by 2018, five of them in Vienna alone, which are expected to achieve sales of around 50 million euros. Former Vapiano CEO Mirko Silz was appointed third CEO in addition to Klaus Rader and Friedemann Findeis on September 1, 2016.

FR L'Osteria SE will use this collective financing to open three new locations in Munich-Pasing, Chemnitz and Lörrach.

FR L'Osteria SE operates a catering system consisting of more than 120 restaurant locations.

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